The Impact of Covid-19 on Student Travelers

Student travelers in the US are one of the many groups of people adversely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, but a recent survey of these travelers reveals their continued resilience and commitment to travel.

Preparing for Students to Return

                                        Basic Planning Suggestions
• Keep Plans as Simple As Possible
• Build Relationships with Resources (public
health, emergency planners, University
officials, etc)
• Communicate in multiple ways (three times,
three ways)

Infection control in the workplace

As a trusted partner, Global is ready to support you as we “reboot the workplace.” We have over 35 years of experience partnering with hospitals to create furniture and infection-prevention protocols that set the standard for safety and wellness. Applying this experience to the workplace, we have compiled the following information to assist you in undertaking the correct disinfecting procedures for your Global furniture.

How to transform your learning environments for COVID-19

COVID­19 has turned the world of higher education upside down. After years of wondering if online learning would ever upend place-­based learning, it suddenly did…literally overnight! Yet, for all the creativity and engagement we’ve managed to squeeze out of Zoom and other online platforms, many students and faculty long for a return to the physical classroom.