ULodging saves time and money. When you need housing for your students, ULodging provides the ability to search for accommodations in one place without having to spend hours trawling the internet, sending e-mails and possibly travelling to visit the properties before making a decision.

If you are a university that has vacant housing during the year, you can place it on ULodging and describe terms of availability, lease terms and amenities.

Thus, ULodging helps you save staff time and increases the efficiency of your work, allowing you and your staff to focus on other pressing matters, such as programming and student life.

If you send us a note to tell us what you are looking for, we can help you find a suitable property in the city of interest.  Beyond what is listed on the site, we have contacts around the world who can do the legwork and search for housing that suits your needs.

It is free to join, search for and post a property. There are no hidden costs.  The host will pay a fee to ULodging upon the execution of an agreement with the lodger.

It is a one-stop shop for educational housing.  Higher education institutions that operate experiential programs can search the inventory of available lodging. Once some relevant prospects are identified, the lodger contacts the host organization/institution and converses electronically to exchange information.  If an agreement is reached, ULodging provides a secure means by which contracts, agreements, leases, etc. and eventually payment can be transferred online.  A record is kept of the discussions, so you can always go back to see what was described, promised, arranged, etc.

For host institutions/organizations, ULodging provides a means to market one’s own housing facilities that might otherwise be empty. Even if a facility is available for just a couple of weeks, a college or university may be interested in leasing space for a January term, spring break or intersession program.  Many facilities are known only by those who live in a particular city.  ULodging helps institutions around the world become familiar with a city’s inventory without having to devote scarce resources to send staff to investigate a multitude of potential sites.

Actually, ULodging is not a booking site.  We do not execute leases and contracts.  That is done directly between the parties involved. We are a digital platform that allows for an efficient and effective means for matching institutions that need housing and those that have housing in a safe, secure online environment.

Yes. Anyone can search the site for properties, but a conversation can only start between lodger and host after registration. Security is key. We want to make sure that anyone who signs up is verified as a student. The student simply goes to https://ulodging.com/sign-up/, submits the form and will then be provided with login credentials. The student can then search for properties, agree terms with the host, sign the agreement and pay.

Host institutions or organizations with housing inventory simply go https://ulodging.com/sign-up/ to sign up. Upon receipt of login credentials, Host must provide a description of the property, including visual media, and other information to assist in the evaluation of the property by the prospective lodger.  Information about past experience with student housing, licenses, building amenities, emergency procedures and security, proximity to services and shopping, etc. should be provided.

ULodging allows the prospective lodger to ask pertinent questions directly of the host.  You don’t have to rely upon a formalized checklist, for the site allows for a robust conversation between the two parties so all relevant information and documents can be exchanged in a secure environment. Lodgers may choose to visit the location for a walk-through, engage in a video conference call or take other means to review and assess the site.

Refunds, payment schedules, will be addressed in the agreement between host and lodger.

We would urge you to contact ULodging and let us know the problem. You may file a formal complaint if necessary.

Please e-mail us at info@ulodging.com or call (410)987-7990 with any questions or comments. We are happy to help